Monday, April 30, 2007

busted, twice

I'm telling you, you can't get away with anything in a small town. There is very little crime to speak of, so the police do silly things like pulling people over for not wearing seat belts and monitoring their speed traps (word to the wise, the 25 mph speeding limit is severely enforced in WV towns). I'm not complaining. It's just unexpected for me, urban chick that I am. So yesterday, after a LONG day on the road, Lily and I pull over for pizza in Hancock, a few miles from my house. After dinner, we are just pulling out of the parking lot, not having moved 100 feet, and I get pulled over, for not having that seat belt on.

We strategized in the truck while the officer was running my plates. Lily offered to burst into tears, but we were laughing too hard about that for it to work. So when he came back, I had to tell him the joke about the woman knitting while driving. You know it--this woman is driving very erratically, weaving around on the road, and a cop pulls up alongside and sees she's knitting while driving. He yells "Lady, pull over! Pull over!" She nods, smiles, and drives on. He pulls up alongside her again. "Lady!! Pull over!" Same result. Finally, he has to cut her off and she is forced to stop at the side of the road. The cop is very agitated at this point. He goes to her window, and shouts, "Lady, didn't you hear me?! I said PULL OVER!". She hold up her knitting. "Oh, officer, its actually a scarf".

He didn't get it, man that he was. But I did just get a warning.

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Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh! That is sooo funny. I can just imagine the cops reactions around here :)