Sunday, April 29, 2007

a pretty sight

Opening date for the shop is set for May 12th. This year, believe it or not. The shelves are all in place, painting is done, and 95% of the stock is here (still waiting on those Turbo lace needles, which I can't wait to try). This photo is of some of the Brown Sheep that I got — thirty six colors in all of the worsted. A yummy sight to any knitter.

The cats have all had coccidia and colds, and the male kitten is coming into, ahem, maturity. His neutering got postponed for 2 months because of his being sick. I don't know if I can deal with that, particularly with yarn soon to be at cat-heinie level. He will have to be banished from the shop till June.

I have two sample knitters with three projects in the works! Thanks Mary and Jane! It would take me a thousand years to knit up all the shop samples I want by myself, not to mention swatches. They'll get done eventually, right? I have a bunch of samples started, project-slut that I am; one felted cabled bag, 3 lace shawls, a coral red bamboo lace camisole, and several socks, none of which will ever be part of a pair.

This coming weekend is the Sheep and Wool fest. I'm taking a 3 day class pre-festival, tapestry weaving, with Archie Brennan and Susan Maffei. I try to take one of the workshops there every year, as it's the best way to see the festival before the crowds. Last year, I did the shepherding workshop, and learned — theoretically at least — how to trim hooves, get a sheep on its behind, and give shots. This year, I've made a few contacts with spinners who have booths, so I'll get to meet them when it isn't so hectic. It's really fun to see the animals being set up in their barns, and groomed to perfection, almost like behind the scenes at a beauty pagent (not that I'd actually know what that's like).

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