Monday, May 7, 2007

MD Sheep and Wool Festival

Oh, of course it was fabulous as usual. The sky was gloriously blue, the funnel cakes and deep-fried twinkies were sizzling, and the sheep were making that incredible multi-lingual racket that they do best. For me, the draw is always the sheep. There is something incredibly appealing about these faces.

Well, here's my tapestry sample from the workshop. Seven by four inches in 18 hours. Not an instant artform, but one that truly calls to me.

And speaking of tapestry! I have a guy who is doing some custom woodturning for me. I got the tapestry bobbin prototype in the mail today. I think we need to go a bit bigger on it, but isn't this nice? Here it is shown with some of his other things that I'll be carrying in the shop. The lucets are particularly beautiful, I think.

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