Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring recycling

I've been collecting a bag of yarn scraps, everything from loom waste, handspun mistakes, and knitting leftovers, to washed wool locks that are too tangled or matted to be used for spinning. All of this can be tossed or composted, as it's natural fibers, but I thought it would be fun to offer little bird's nest packs to kids. In my usual insanely overboard way, this has gone from a simple recycling project into a Pocket Meadow Farm marketing venture. I'm going to put a few displays of these in local shops and the visitor center, toss them into mail orders, and take them to the Farmer's Market, which is starting in just a couple of weeks.

All in the name of avoiding doing my taxes (or to be more precise, doing my extension for taxes).

The bags are compost-able cellophane, the fibers range from wools, alpaca, cashmere and silk, to cotton and bamboo.

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