Wednesday, March 11, 2009

don't you believe it department

In an almost full page ad on page A11 of today's Washington Post, Monsanto has a lovely valentine to "Conserving more. Improving farmer's lives. Sustainable agriculture. That's what Monsanto is all about". I'm finding this utterly hilarious.

All the sloganeering and greenwashing in the world won't change the fact that Monsanto, bio-technology, monoculture and frankenplants are not the solution to a safe and abundant food supply. Monsanto isn't about farmers, it's about agribusiness.


Lynnette said...

I'm with you on that one! I am anti GMO and terminator seeds. I can't believe that it's in anyones best interest to breed plants that have sterile seeds....but big agribusiness does.

monica said...

Franken plants is exactly what they are! I want plain old seeds