Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yarn and Fiber Tasting!

I'm getting ready for a yarn and fiber "tasting" in the shop this weekend. These are some of the yarns I'll have available for sampling: linen, cotton, wool, silk, pure shetland wool, bamboo, llama, alpaca, baby mohair, and even a nice acrylic/wool blend. Couldn't resist color coordinating! And today those spring colors are working for me — the snow is coming down hard out there.

On the spinning fiber side of things, I'll have all kinds of really fun stuff: German space-dyed roving, wool/silk from Gaywool, merino, alpaca, llama, yak, bamboo, soysilk, Black Diamond carbon fiber, and corn and milk based fiber. This is a great opportunity to try these out without having to invest in a whole bag of fiber, so bring your wheel or spindle and be prepared to have fun!

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