Saturday, May 26, 2007

PMF website is up!

Two exciting happenings today!

1: I got a riding mower with a 50" deck and have started to hack down the knee-high-in-some-places grass. Its a big scary piece of equipment to this city girl, who formerly used a human powered reel mower. I want to be wearing kevlar and a full-face helmet, but will probably get over that pretty quickly. My neighbor had taken pity and mowed for me with his giant farm tractor, which was really fun to see, and 3 days later, the grass needed mowing again, so I handed over the plastic.

2: the Pocket Meadow Farm website is up! Thanks to the swift work of The Web Wench here in Berkeley Springs, its actually up and working! So please check it out when you can!


Kristine said...

Hi -- you are my next door neighbor on Knitting Blogs. Congratulations on opening your store. It is very cute. Your website looks great too. Currently, we are also looking to move to the country and have a farm. Cheers, Kristine

Amanda1 said...

Hi, there!

I recently learned how to drive our riding mower (same size as yours). Believe me, you get over the size and power of it pretty quick - it's fun!

I like your new site!