Wednesday, May 23, 2007

excuse me, did I just get drool on you?

My new best friend just arrived. What I'm saying is, the Crystal Palace order just came in and I am in an ecstasy of fiber-passion. Look at this new lace weight yarn! Its called Kid Merino. How mundane. I would call it Lust in a Bun. I want to pull the needles out of that great big honking Koigu and start something immediately with my new best friend! No! look at the Panda Wool sock yarn! the Panda Cotton! Bamboozle! I must lie down now with cold compresses over the brow.

Ahh, that Koigu shawl. Its coming on a little slower than I hoped. I've gotten the worst case of poison ivy on my hands and forearms, and yeah, that's my excuse.


michelle said...

sorry about the poison ivy. Looking forward to seeing the meri...I

Nancy said...

Please pass the napkin. I've got to wipe this drool off me.