Thursday, March 22, 2007

avoidance tactic

Just a short post to show you progress on the Shetland scarf. I need to sand joint compound today, not just on taped sections, but on entire skim coated walls in a 325 square foot room.

Yes, I'm knitting this on straight "vintage" needles, as all of my 5's are in other projects. Its really a pain to knit with straights, particularly lace, as the ends are constantly catching in the holes. It's sitting on the cold — for now, and hopefully for the rest of the year — wood stove. For anyone considering heating with wood, here are some numbers: $4500 initial expense; the relined chimney with brick repairs bringing installation up to $2400, plus the cost of the stove. We used just about 3 cords of wood, at $125 a cord, and had this place seriously cozy a good bit of the time, with indoor temps in the mid 70s upstairs. When I had gas heat, I never had the thermostat above 58º, and still was spending $275 a month for heat. This house has an old oil guzzling furnace, and I would not have been able to keep it above 50º, so I'm pretty happy with wood. The exercise is a bonus.

I've met with 2 yarn reps this week, and placed orders for the shop. Its pretty shocking how easily you can pass those initial order minimums. The industry mag, Yarn Market News, says that a lot of shops regularly spend $40 to $200k on the fall/winter lines alone, so I'm really small potatoes. I'll have a good range of yarns for my investment, but not really "deep", as in having 3 bags of every yarn in every color in inventory. I also got some gorgeous rovings for handspinners. I was hoping to stock a few spinning wheels, but won't be able to initially, but will have spindles, and all the other goodies. I'm so excited I can hardly sleep!

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