Thursday, December 1, 2011

color suites

Another recent approach to dyeing. I've been working on a lot of multi yarn projects lately. I started out using commercial yarns, but the color range was not enough for my needs. This is my not-quite-successful experiment in handpainted yarns of very mixed fibers dyed together in one bundle. The part that needs improvement is the amount that can be steam set at one time given my particular steaming setup. I crammed together way too much fiber when I set these dyes, and had some spotting and color migration.

The yarns/roving were a mix of single and multi ply wool, superwash wool, loop, boucle and brushed mohair, wool/mohair/silk blend and Corriedale wool roving. I handpainted everything together at one time; the mohairs tended to take color a lot lighter than the wools, so they may get more intensity in their dye mixes in the future.

Starting with—

a couple bits of inspiration—

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This is so beautiful!!! You really have an eye for colours! :) I LOVE IT!!!!