Wednesday, August 5, 2009

antisocial networking

Don't you think it's getting insane? I got an email today from a professional organization I've worked with. They proudly state that I can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin and that they have blogs for every department in their organization.

As a small business person, I know I have to draw the line about "networking" activities somewhere, or I'll be sitting in front of a screen 20 hours a day. I can spend hours and days just on Ravelry, the knitting database/network site. Just reading and answering email has turned into a 2 hour block of time every day. Very little time is left each day for actually doing my life's work. Like television or other socially acceptable drug forms, it just adds up to a huge productivity-buster in my book, and the insidious thing is that it's so easy to justify it.

I'm stepping back for a bit...

When did we stop doing what we do and now just network about what we used to do?

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La Duchesse said...

And what did people do *before* networking sites, full stop! Ick... I'm in total agreement, ma'am.