Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I got distracted today

I've been seeing this cat hanging around the last couple of days, been hearing mysterious little squeaks and mews...this is why, I guess. I gave mom a good meal to get her used to people (part of the evil plan to one day nab her and take her to the vet for the Big Op).

I found another one later, and they all have no tails, just like the mom. It's a Morgan County feral cat thing, just a huge genetic pool of tailless cats with this coloring.

I am NOT taking these cats in. No. No. and NO. We have six already. But my backyard is pretty idyllic for wild cats to live in, and there is plenty of shelter for the winter with the derelict animal houses, so as long as I can capture them at some point for neutering, it's all good. They'll be on their own mostly, with occasional meals from the Big House, and I'll put out water, but I'm really maxed out on being able to feed the existing crew right now — with lambs on the way in a couple of weeks!


Weedwacker said...

Now don't we all want a little blue eyed kitty?

Silly Little Sheep said...

I think you are caught by cats now :) They are so cute you cannot resist, arent they?? :)))