Monday, May 11, 2009

hand towels

Here they are off the loom, hemmed and finished.

Nina's Towels

Yarn — mercerized cotton flake, blue-gray and cream. Hems done with 5/2 cream cotton.
Pattern — Pinwheel twill on 8 harnesses, 12 epi (ends per inch), 12 ppi (picks per inch).
Size — on loom 18" wide x 26" long + 1.5" hems, finished 14.5" wide x 22" long.
Start — waaaay back in February
Finish — May 8

I had to take these off the loom before the entire project of 8 towels was completed (four were a commissioned gift due for Mother's Day). This was actually pretty easy, just cranking out a few extra inches of warp and tying overhand knots in front of the reed to hold them in place for tying onto the apron rod again.

This yarn looks really different on the loom. The weave seems way too loose, but when they are washed the thick/thin nature of the yarn settles itself into place and blooms beautifully, making a dense, absorbent fabric.

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Anonymous said...

Those look great!