Sunday, February 1, 2009

bread, round 2

Farmhouse Multigrain Bread:

3.5 c whole wheat flour, 2 c bread flour, .5 c rye flour
1T brown sugar (honey or molasses would work too), 1.5 t salt, 1.5 pkts yeast
.75 c mixed grains

You can just taste the rye. Baked at 450º for half an hour with a pan of water in the lower rack, which will probably destroy the heating elements at some point, wouldn't you think? That crispy crust just might be worth it though. This one is lovely.

Also a truly wonderful 58º February day because the hose unfroze, so all the outside animals got fresh, clean troughs of water. The ice and snow are mostly gone, replaced with nice gooey mud.

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