Tuesday, December 16, 2008

new handspun

I've been spinning like crazy for the past month or so. Here are a few samples. The 2-ply bulky brown skeins are one ply of a hand-dyed rust/brown rustic wool mix, with one ply of Gaywool's multicolored merino/silk (Mango). The colors in that roving are blue, peacock, cream and rust. The Gaywool roving is very wonderful, and very expensive at $106 a pound, and was recently discontinued by Louet. Used like this with a single, lighter ply, it was reasonably affordable. It spins beautifully, had interesting and unusual colorways, and I truly wish I could get more.

The peacock yarn uses two colors of Gaywool roving, one, the Mango used above, and the second, a deep peacock with blue and cream. The base solid ply is Louet Corriedale roving, teal.

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