Sunday, August 3, 2008

County Fair

We shared a booth at the Morgan County Fair with Andrea, of A Rare Breed. At the left you can see the reenactors tent. Note to fair organizers everywhere — don't put these guys next to the livestock tent. Every couple of hours they would march around in formation and shoot their muskets off. It was a bit alarming to all of the animals (and some of the humans).

This is Madeline before she got totally freaked out by 4000 little kids touching her all over. Things were going okay, except for that... and except for the wild goat escape... She was sharing a pen with this handsome boy, Amos. We had them set up with a divider in between in case they didn't like each other, but she immediately hopped right over it to hang with him.

At one point, Andrea took Amos for a walk, and in seconds Madeline took a leap out of the pen, presumably to be with her new man. She dashed around in six directions simultaneously for a minute or so. I nearly had heart failure, but we did get ahold of her eventually.

Overall it was a fun experience and we met a lot of really nice people. I'll know better next time to take an animal who is more used to people, so I don't have to babysit her quite so much.


Andrea M said...

Dear Madeline,

I really enjoyed hanging out with you at the fair. The ladies over here don't have that gorgeous hair and I think I need to talk mom into an Angora doe (she does need more fiber, right?) so I can show off a long haired girlfriend.

Mom has me in a quarantine pen right now with a new precocious buck, and I have been trying to explain to him how to act so he gets to go out and enjoy fair popcorn, but he just bleats and runs away...hmmmm....


Marigold said...

Dear Madeline,
Amos is rather cute, if I do say so myself. Perhaps what you need is a fainter. With all the commotion, it would simply faint and be far easier to catch than a sheep. Besides, I think goats rock...but then perhaps I am a bit biased.