Wednesday, January 23, 2008

new yarn!!

New goodies in today from Louet! Some of the new colors of Riverstone, cones of Cotolin for weavers, more Gems in the fingering/laceweight colors, and new gorgeous colors of KidLin. I'll post photos tomorow.

Plus, on a personal note, I have heat again! Which is nice, as it has been in the teens for a week now. My woodstove was starting to smoke, so I called the sweep. He asked me how many cords of wood I've gone through. When I told him, there was a long silence. He said, "you might want to take care of that pretty soon." That scared the holy heck out of me so I stopped using it for the five days till he came. I do have a sort-a backup with the heat pump which is zoned for the upstairs, and a couple of gallons left in the oil tank, so it wasn't unbearable, but if you've ever used a heat pump when it is 12º outside, you'll know what I mean when I say it might not be the best heating system out there.

I haven't sung hosannas to Vermont Castings yet this year. These are the best stoves on the market. How does a heating bill of $350 sound? Oh, that's not for a month. That's for the year. That's for keeping things in the toasty mid 70ºs.

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