Thursday, July 19, 2007

guardian of the flock

He's growning on me...dang it, though, talk about your high maintenance...I've never had a puppy before, I just had no idea.

I've been working on the website. Very labor intensive, since I have to take photos of all the yarns I've got, do color corrections, then do the pages. The yarn page is up finally, and I'm making 3rd level pages with all the new stuff. Between this and cleaning up after the puppy, knitting is back burnered for now.


Michell said...

Awww, but how cute is that picture! I can't wait to pay another visit to your shop and to perhaps meet the little darling!

Supperkatty said...

Aghhhhh! I miss Mac soooo much! You just can't look at him without going "SQUEE!!!"