Thursday, June 14, 2007

shop knitting

This is a baby/toddler sweater I'm working on for the shop. The yarn is Plymouth Fantasy Naturale. Took less than 2 days to do the body, weave the ends in and crochet the edging. Sleeves will probably take a day. I'm going to size it down on a smaller gauge using the Bamboozle, which is a lot softer.

Did you know that when you own a yarn shop your personal knitting goes almost completely away? First, you need to make swatches, zillions of swatches. Then, you need to make sample garments. You have to use yarns you carry, and currently available patterns, or people will get seriously ticked at you. I've been there! Nothing more annoying than seeing a wonderful sweater in a yarn shop in a discontinued yarn. But it makes my massive knit-down-the-stash project even more unreachable.

I did just find all the parts for my LK-150 knitting machine, so I can do swatches quickly in most gauges except lace and fingering. Sometimes two sticks are just easier to think about than using a machine, but if I set it up to do production, it should help with workflow.

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