Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a couple more pix

I'm liking these shelves a lot. Each section holds 5 to 10 skeins nicely. That's the Louet sport weight merino on top, and the Plymouth Suri Merino on the bottom. I've swatched the latter up — nice yarn. It has that alpaca smoothness, with a springy wool hand. Sweaters made from this blend will hold their shape, unlike most pure alpaca knits, which tend to stretch, and still have that glorious alpaca feel. Its got a nice range of colors too, nothing straight out of a crayon box. Might need to use some of that for me!

These are a set of signs I designed for the shop. That bowl of yarn is the coral Plymouth Royal Bamboo, which is going to be turned into a seriously sexy lace camisole, when I get the time.


Amanda1 said...

Your shop looks absolutely heavenly. Wish I wasn't so far away!

Anonymous said...

your shop looks adorable!!! do you sell yarns online?