Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Betty's haircut

I sheared my first sheep today. I'm too embarrassed to post a photo. She's too embarrassed! The fleece should have been sheared in the fall (aaah, I didn't get the memo), so it was mostly a mass of felt on the surface. Not much usable there, alas. The other purebred longwool is in better condition; her fleece is much thicker and longer though. I'll work on her next week when I have my teenaged helpers. The crossbreeds are in gorgeous fleece, and will be sheared on Sunday, when we go to pick up our new angora goats.

I've finally gotten to the painting in here, after three weeks of skim coating, sanding, skim coating, sanding, repeat. It's so rewarding to put color on the walls after all that work.

I'm exhausted and reeking of sheep urine and lanolin, a strangely not-unpleasant combination, but its time to get cleaned up and call it quits for today.

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