Monday, February 5, 2007

biting off more than you can chew dept.

I started a new project today — removing 1960's era luan paneling from my house. Its truly attractive, in four coordinating woodgrain colors, with stylish styrene trim, but I can't look at it another day. First sheet, easy, just two inch ring nails, which tear nice big holes in the plaster when they come out. Second piece...nailed AND glued with black construction adhesive. That's going to be fun to scrape off! But at least this is an inside project...the high today was 15º.

In a more ornamental mode, here's a photo of Babette. She's a Brahma bantam. I see her about once every two days right now, so I think she's sitting on a clutch of eggs somewhere, but I can't find it. Not good weather for baby chicks.

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